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Thursday, February 24, 2005

nifty erotic stories archives

She heard the van turn into the driveway a full minute before he made it to the door, so she was already waiting downstairs by the time the sound of his even, firm footsteps on the porch revealed his presence outside the entrance to her home. Despite the fact that she was there, waiting, leaned up michelle trachtenberg sex stories the other side of the door, she would not have thought of opening it immediately. nifty erotic stories archives She waited until he story girl out and, barely a foot away through the thick, heavy lesbian lover stories door, confidently pushed, once only, the button to ring her bell. Knowing it would come, she heard the bell nifty erotic stories archives only absentmindedly. She waited another full thirty seconds, then leaned slowly from the door, took a step and turned on her heel, running a hand through the long, thick dirty blonde tresses that fell casually over her shoulders and lesbian interacial stories She reached forward and unceremoniously opened the door.

"The company said three-thirty. You're late."

She looked him over. He stories erotic secretary blue coveralls with a company teen group sex stories that strained against his lean, well-muscled figure. Tall with piercing blue eyes and a two-day beard, he was all her neighbor had described and more. She smiled very slightly to herself. This premium xxx story be fun. Mentally satisfied, but revealing nothing of her intentions in her gaze, she directed him to enter her home.

"I assume the company filled you in on the details?" she said curtly.

"They don't usually tell us much. I only know you are looking for an estimate for putting down a new kitchen floor."

"That's right. Since my husband left earlier this year, I've decided to redo the entire house. I was hoping you could recommend a erotic stories with big tits and quote me a price for whatever would work best in the kitchen. Price is no object."

"That sounds straightforward enough," he replied, and found himself immediately being taken bondage hogtied stories the hand and pulled gently toward the foyer and into the house.

"The kitchen is this way," she said, turning to walk away but letting her head drift back just enough to flash him a brief duff sex stories a smile and a look that only for the briefest moment turned into a bitten bdsm torture free stories lip and a set of cast down eyes. Immediately her gaze was back with his, and as she allowed her red lacquered nails to scrape lightly against the inside of his palm, she dropped his hand and allowed the momentum of her tug on it pull him with her into the next room. She consciously allowed her hips to sway slightly stories with lesbian women she walked, giving him something to follow as they walked single file through the hallway.

When she reached the kitchen, she bent from indian sex story site waist to pick up a magazine she had left on the floor before he arrived. As she bent, the short summer dress she wore began to ride up her thighs. Even as the man's eyes bulged it rode higher. Even as the nifty erotic stories archives coveralls bulged it rode higher. By the time she had stretched out the three seconds it took her hand to reach the ground, the skirt of her dress had ridden up to expose a thong barely wide enough to cover the pen the workman carried in stories sex older womenclipsvideopicsfreemembership pocket. She turned and followed his gaze from eyes to eyed, and smiled at him knowingly. She retrieved the magazine, and placing it on the counter, beckoned him into the kitchen. punishment stories
As he broke the threshold between the rooms, she lay an arm across his muscular shoulders and snaked a leg around his, leaning her full breasts on his chest to maintain balance.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked in hushed tones after allowing his eyes to indulge the scenery around him. "Do you think this room would be best floored with tile -- or with sexy pictures of pamela andersons hard wood?" She annunciated these last two words with a pause and desperate finality, already sure of her decision and waiting only for his response.

With that he tossed the freshly retrieved magazine back onto the floor, lifted her up by the warm, full buttocks that his hand found women stories tales a missile to its target, and tossed her onto the counter to mount her. His hands went to her full breasts, rubbing them even as she pushed back against him. raylene stories tongue sought out her nipples, alert as sentries. She stared with desperate eyes at the bulge in his pants, and pushed her hand down nifty erotic stories archives knead his tool even as he tore her dress from her shoulders and forced the slight piece of fabric covering his goal aside. With expert fingers, she gay sex stories pushed her hand down sexy aunt story pried his pulsing periscope from his pants. Before she could gasp at its size, however, it had re-submerged, and she had a new reason to gasp. Impatient and overwhelmed, she rocked violently against him, and it was all he could do to keep up. The sounds of their tryst echoed in the house, and when he could contain it no more, he erupted into her, the Niagara of his manhood filling her as nothing ever had. Exhausted, she absolutly free xxx amature sex stories onto her back, and asked him if he couldn't come back the same time the sexual awakening stories day with materials and begin laying some wood on the floor.